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How the service works

Data → AI magic → Result
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Data Entry
Teachers input information about students' academic achievements. The more detailed and precise the input, the more relevant the generated report. Teachers can include topics covered in the course and assess students' personal qualities, such as social competence, independence, and critical thinking.
Data Processing and Report Generation
After data submission, our system processes the information based on predefined principles. It generates a final report and two drafts with different tones: one friendly and the other more formal. These drafts are provided as templates, allowing teachers to customize and select the preferred feedback style.
Fast and Convenient Delivery
The finalized report is emailed within 2-3 minutes, ensuring all reports are conveniently stored for easy access and future reference.

Start for free. No registration or credit card required

For Teachers
✍ Easily offer your students thorough feedback on a regular basis
✍ Generate unique reports for each student, moving beyond generic templates
✍ Reduce the time spent on report preparation
For Tutors
⭐ Monitor your students' development with ease
⭐ Provide specific recommendations and insights to help students improve
⭐ Enhance your standing with both students and parents, helping to maintain and grow your client base
For Educators
✋ Deepen your connection with students through better understanding and engagement
✋ Offer top-notch feedback and embrace innovative teaching methods
✋ Use the tool to refine your teaching abilities and grow professionally
How it works

Start for free. No registration or credit card required

Principles of Report Writing
Our guidelines help create impactful academic reports. These reports do more than share information; they motivate students to grow further, fostering a love for learning and personal development.
Positive Attitude
Our reports start by highlighting the student’s achievements and strengths, setting an encouraging tone right from the beginning
Constructive Criticism
We address areas for improvement in a supportive manner, offering clear steps and recommendations to help students enhance their performance
Avoidance of Negative Phrasing
Our language is carefully chosen to avoid any words or phrases that could demotivate or seem dismissive, ensuring a positive and respectful tone throughout
Focus on Development and Potential
We emphasize the student’s recent progress and their capacity for future growth, aiming to boost their confidence
Encouragement of Independence
The report points out moments the student has demonstrated initiative and independence, underscoring these key aspects of their learning journey
Feedback is tailored to each student’s unique characteristics, interests, and preferences, making it as relevant and beneficial as possible
Recommendations for Improvement
Each report concludes with actionable suggestions, specific advice, and recommendations to further the student’s learning and performance


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